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Have an Idea – Let Us Talk

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Do you have an idea? Let us talk!

Many people have ideas for a website, blog, forum or a new software to make their life and business processes better. Often times people do not know who to contact or how to go about getting their ideas accomplished. Sometimes people are afraid that by telling someone their ideas, that the someone may steal the idea. Everyone needs someone to help them and to trust with their ideas.

This is where I may be able to help.

  • Ask the correct questions
  • Evaluate what is possible and if it is reasonable
  • Help you flush out your idea to make it more defined.
  • Build an action plan with achievable tasks, timelines and goals
  • Assemble the correct people and teams

I have experience in many industries from factory automation to web solutions and business process solutions. What I do not know, I have resources that do know. Anything could and can happen. I would like to see you succeed with your ideas.

My initial talk(s) is free and will only cost you a coffee. If you decide to work with me, we can negotiate a cost according to the size of your budget and your idea. Let’s talk and see where it goes; we both have nothing to lose.

Andrew has the ability to take abstract project requirements and craft effective solutions that just work. Andrew worked very well with my team and was able to help everyone involved understand why a specific approach was taken.

Jonathan Kochis – Partner at ResIM (web and mobile development)

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