Andrew Pallant

Software & Web Developer

About Andrew

profile image I have been working since 1996 as a Software Developer, Web Developer, Database Developer, IT Manager, Team Lead and mentor. I have always worked for companies where I was required to wear many hats. I have dabbled in everything from Windows to Linux. At one point I had even had owned a company that specialized in AS400 software ( sold 2005 ).

It is my privilege to have been employed most of my career by the wonderful businesses in London Ontario ( #LdnOnt ).

Software Developer

I have written many utility and business workflow software programs. I have written software that works with ANSI.X12 and other EDI formats. As a Software Developer; a lot of my work was done in the areas of Factory Automation and Logistics. Using MS SQL, MySQL, MS Access, VisualBasic, C#, Java and C, I have created time saving business applications.

Web Developer

I started as Web Developer creating business solutions that empowered IT departments to control business workflow from a single server. I have analyzed and documented business process and from them created effective web based solutions. In a natural progression, I adopted eCommerece where I have worked many years. I have experienced basic credit card and shopping cart implementations to now working with PayPal. I have been able to adopt to integrating Social Media and business workflows into regular life.

Database Developer

Working with most popular databases; I have been able to create solutions that were adaptable and affordable based on the needs of the clients. I have worked with MySQL, dBase, FoxPro,Oracle, MSSQL as well as many flat file databases. I have specialized in creating, optimizing and disaster proofing business systems.

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