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My Cover Letter

Physical Link: My Cover Letter

Dear Business Owners, Team Leaders and Information Officers;

I am not just a developer.  I am a developer who can blend in with a team, lead a team and be part of a team.  I pick up and learn new techniques as well as hold the ability to teach what I know.  I bring with me street smarts along with classic education.  I am good at mentoring and excellent at code reviews; when required.

In a management position, I know how to delegate and when to take charge.  As an employee, I know how to play with others.

I work well with customers.  I have worked with customers as a consultant to discover what they need.  I have assisted sales team in closing deals by discovering needs and prototyping.  I can change techno-lingo into something customers can understand, and I can change business language into something developers understand.

Given a problem or an idea, I think outside of the box to get it done.  I often start with what I know and move into a realm that is often unknown to me.  No is never my first option.  Anything can be done given time and money.

Yes I run my own software business… I enjoy it.  I would give my business up for more time with my family given the right company and entrepreneurial spirit.

What I am looking for?

I am looking for a company with a good track record on projects ( I know there is no perfect project ).   I am looking for a team atmosphere and one that I can grow with.  A continuous learning atmosphere and the ability to try new technology is very appealing to me.  I would also appreciate support for conferences and continuous learning efforts.



Next Steps

All I need is a few minutes of your time to meet me in person.

Resume Link:  http://unlatched.com/resume.aspx

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