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Using Pinterest to Enahance Ecommerce

Physical Link: Using Pinterest to Enahance Ecommerce

Pinterest is often thought as a forum to find craft ideas, search out fashion and home decoration techniques. I thought this for a very long time. However; it can be so much more.

Here is an example of NewEgg.ca. They have created a business account and uploaded their logo. They then created multiple boards for each category; including one for daily features.

URL: http://pinterest.com/neweggcan/

When a picture is clicked it takes you to their inventory on their site. It is another feed to their site. Believe it or not; it does work. I set up a test board with some Google Analytics tracking and in just a short time, I was racking up the visits. Even if you do not get purchases right away, think of it as a way of getting your brand in front of people quick way. The trick here of course is to setup tracking from Google Analytics so you can track the clicks and to have your board public. If you have fixed pricing, you can always put the dollar amount in the text of your pin and this will create a small banner in the upper left corner with price.

Note: Almost all Social Media activities such as Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook can help with your site SEO.

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